Contract Manufacturing

We offer full service contract manufacturing. Our recognised production capabilities and expertise deliver the highest standards of quality and cost-efficiency across a wide range of categories, including the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Our proven experience and expertise extends across a wide range of healthcare goods – offering you access to the cost-efficient contract manufacture of existing Probiotec formulations, new custom developed formulations or formulations which you already possess and wish to produce across a wide range of categories.


Quality & Safety Standards

Probiotec’s plant maintains the highest quality and safety standards throughout every stage of the production process. Quality and compliance are critically important aspects of Probiotec’s manufacturing culture.

We adhere to strict quality standards that have earned us a reputation as one of Australia’s leading health manufacturers.

Products are manufactured in a negative pressure, dust-contained facility, designed to avoid any cross-contamination and allowing efficient product changeover. This allows us to keep processing time to a minimum and reduce overall cost.


Probiotec is an outstanding source of highly marketable product opportunities for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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